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Everyone needs professional help at some point. It may be because we want to set up a business, or because we have problems with the neighbours or the Community of Owners, or because we need to make some kind of contract with someone, or because we are accused of something we have not done.


That is what we are here for…
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Specialists in solving problems

We work in the field of civil and business law, being able to deal with your problems throughout the whole of Spain, and we can count on the collaboration of other law firms in other areas of the country, especially in Valencia.


In case you do not see your problem reflected, please contact us, and we will find a solution for you.
This firm was created with the aim of offering a comprehensive service to our clients in emerging branches of law. We are a law firm specialised in civil law, private international law, commercial law, town planning and other branches of law.

Always up to date

Disponemos de los medios tecnológicos más avanzados a nivel de software, equipos de informática y telecomunicaciones, siempre sin olvidarnos del trato personal con nuestros clientes.

We aim to assist our clients, with whom we identify, in the effective achievement of their professional and personal goals.
Let's get to know each other