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What is a contract?

A contract is an agreement of wills, verbal or written, expressed in common between two or more persons with capacity (parties to the contract), who bind themselves by virtue of the contract, regulating their relations in relation to a certain purpose or thing, and to whose performance they can reciprocally compel each other, if the contract is bilateral, or compel one party to the other, if the contract is unilateral.

But it is not enough.

What happens when a contract is not done well?

A bad contract can cause a lot of problems and money. It can have clauses that, because they go against current legislation, are cause for nullity of the contract…

We will give you every guarantee when drawing up your contract.

We can help you here by drawing up a contract that meets all legal requirements and, in the event of non-performance by the other party, we can demand, by amicable or legal means, performance or, where appropriate, damages.

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