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It is necessary to make citizens aware of the importance of making a will, in order to adapt their succession to the reality of their patrimony and family situation, as well as to the will of the grantor, within the legislative variety of our country.

Definition of inheritance

In law, inheritance is the legal act by which a person who dies passes on his or her property, rights and obligations to one or more other persons, who are called heirs. Thus, an heir is a natural or legal person who is entitled to a share of the assets of an estate.

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Doing something for others is tremendously rewarding. feeling loved is wonderful. Leaving children the image of parents who are recognised as good people is the best inheritance.

Miguel Ángel RevillaPresident of Cantabria

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We can help you at the sensitive time of the death of a loved one, so that the inheritance procedures and the subsequent payment of inheritance tax can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

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