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Buying a home is often a very complex matter. It involves significant amounts of money, our life savings, and we are often forced to take out a mortgage.

The importance of good advice

Many stories are told of people who want to buy a property in Spain, and who lose all their money, either because there were legal problems in the purchase of their property from the beginning, or because later on certain legal conflicts arise.

It is a fact that for decades in Spain “everything was possible”. Building without any kind of permission has been done on a massive scale and bribery was almost a regular occurrence.

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In recent years the administration has tried to correct such practices, but unfortunately there have been owners who bought in good faith who have been the victims of what has happened in past years.
If you are in this situation we can help you to limit the damage as much as possible.

We will give you the legal certainty you need

Fortunately this has changed. The system now aims to protect the interests of both buyer and seller, and when buying a property such problems can be avoided.

All information concerning real estate is available to everyone – at the land registry, or at the town hall – but you have to know where and how to find this information.

That is why it is always advisable when buying a house to have a lawyer involved. He or she can – for a small part of the purchase price – save you a lot of trouble.

We can help you by investigating the legal situation of the house you want to buy, preparing the purchase contract, applying for your fiscal number, accompanying you to the notary, and legalising your purchase in the land registry by paying the corresponding taxes and changing the different service contracts into your name.
And of course finding you the most appropriate mortgage for your needs.

Do you want to sell your property safely?

And in case of SALE OF YOUR PROPERTY we can help you with the signing of the sale, the payment of capital gains tax and profit tax and all the other formalities involved in the sale of a property.

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