Taxes • income tax • fiscal law

 “Taxes are not good things, but if we want to have the services, somebody has to pay for them, so they are a necessary evil”.

Michael Bloomberg

Tax regulations are constantly changing, especially in recent years of economic crisis and changes in tax legislation due to the coronavirus and the economic consequences of this.

In Dianiumlex we approach the tax issue from a current perspective and fully informed of the obligations of the citizen whether he/she belongs to Spain or is a foreigner.

We can help you, within the margin of the law, to try to optimize your payments to your economy as well as in the requirements.

We can also make appeals to the Inland Revenue as well as to the Economic-Administrative Court if your particular case requires it.

Our lawyers in Denia will advise you on all possibilities and deadlines for the payment of your taxes as well as the refund in case it is required.